Virtual Reality: An Important Topic For Tech-Savvy Fashionistas

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While most of the Virtual Reality industry has their eyes set on the entertainment market, there are fascinating virtual reality products, applications, and services being developed for the world of fashion.

From creative VR ad campaigns to virtual retail stores to fashionable Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), there’s as much possibility for VR in the world of fashion as in any other non-entertainment industry.

Wearable tech still not wearable enough 

It is predicted that the market for wearable technologies, such as VR headsets, will continue to experience accelerating growth in 2016 and will exceed $12B in annual revenues in just a few years.

Wearable Device Market Size Forecast

However, despite this trend, there’s been much written about the general unattractiveness of wearable tech, including these articles from the Washington Post and The Telegraph(Want to weigh in on the debate? Take this short survey and we'll publish the results soon.)

From burdensome wires to overall device clunkiness, the general consensus is that most HMDs are just not that interesting to look at unless you are about to put one on.

The drive to make HMDs fashionable 

As a research firm dedicated to tracking the industry, we have identified dozens of creative studios working on solving the design challenges facing the HMD technology. One example is Field, a multi-faceted creative art studio in London. At an event earlier this year, Field held a exhibition titled Violescence and unveiled The Quasar:



The Quasar highlights the creative opportunity for fashionable HMDs. And just as Apple's iPhone went through numerous iterations to reach its current sleek exterior, one day we may collectively marvel at the aesthetic beauty of the Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, Sony Morpheus, and other HMDs.


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