Advancing The Future Of Virtual Reality With Insight

Clifton Dawson, Principal Analyst Insight Articles

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Last year, we noticed the resurgence of virtual reality as an industry. Like most people watching technology trends, we noticed an uptick in the chatter surrounding VR when Facebook bought a little-known startup named Oculus for $2.5b. The chatter was everywhere -- on Reddit, in TechCrunch articles, and even CNN reported about it. Soon after, we saw a rush of entrepreneurial and creative people begin to dedicate their time and money to building new hardware and content for VR, accelerating industry’s bright future. We were amazed that despite this rush of people and companies behind truly innovative projects, there were few companies dedicated to providing verified data and objective research for the industry. So we decided to make one.

We started Greenlight VR with a simple mission - provide the industry with the data products it needs to create amazing VR experiences. We do this by collecting and organizing information about the entire industry with technology and processes that ensure our highest standards for quality. What began as a personal project has blossomed into a company of engineers, data scientists and researchers, and passionate VR enthusiasts committed to our mission.

On this blog, we will share analysis about the companies and their projects leading the virtual reality industry forward. Our hope is that this information helps the entire industry build the future we all hope becomes reality.