Apple’s Augmented Reality Roadmap: Is an HMD Still On The Way?

J.C. Kuang, Analyst Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality Intelligence Service, Devices & Technology, Head-Mounted Displays, Head-Up Displays, Insight Articles

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Following a widely circulated report from online IT supply chain blog DigiTimes, major news outlets are reporting the alleged suspension of the hotly-anticipated discrete Apple Augmented Reality (AR) hardware.

The speculation serves as an opportunity to examine how recent internal and external shakeups may have affected the company's AR strategy. The likelihood that Apple would cease development on such a product seems highly unlikely considering the public enthusiasm company leadership has expressed in the technology. But the recent departure of influential design head (and Steve Jobs confidant), Jony Ive, and the announcement of the nReal Light at AWE present possible challenges for Apple’s AR hardware journey.

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