CES 2016: Pre-Conference Analyst Briefings

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Greenlight Insights analysts are often invited to the industry's top trade shows to speak, exhibit, or hold client meetings with exhibitors and sponsors. This January, Greenlight Insights analysts will attend the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV.

CES is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show that takes place every January. With so many virtual reality companies in one place, and extraordinarily high demand for client meetings during the conference, Greenlight Insights will hold pre-conference analyst briefings between December 15 - 30th, 2015 for CES exhibitors.


What Is An Analyst Briefing?

An analyst briefing is a research tool for Greenlight Insights, and an opportunity for VR/AR technology vendors to present their products and services to analysts who cover the vendor specifically or related market segments.

During an analyst briefing, the flow of information predominates from vendor to analysts and isn't interactive. Analysts may ask questions of clarification during a briefing session, but analyst feedback is not the focus.


How Do I Request An Analyst Briefing?

To request a briefing, complete our Analyst Briefing online form.

An important note: We schedule briefings purely on an interest in the vendor, its technologies, and its marketplace, not because of any fee or contractual relationship.