Chinese VR/AR Companies OYMotion, REALIS, Owlii Impress At CES 2018

Natalie Yue, Analyst Augmented Reality, Insight Articles, Virtual Reality

Huawei gives a keynote at CES 2018 announcing a new phone. Photo by Natalie Yue
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Arguably the world's biggest electronics conference, technology companies know that CES is the perfect place to exhibit new technologies. And as you would expect, Chinese technology companies were well-represented, with over 400 companies descending upon CES 2018 from Shenzhen alone.

Chinese companies were among the exhibitors in almost every technology sector - from autonomous vehicles to drones to smart home solutions. For instance, Baidu, Hisense, Changhong, Huawei, HYDATA, and Xiaomi all generated significant buzz with their respective product announcements. China's influence extended to virtual reality and augmented reality as well.

With this in mind, here are three Chinese VR/AR companies that you might have missed at CES 2018.



(Image by OYMotion)

Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Product: A wrist-worn gesture recognition controller that interprets arm muscle electricity and motion sensor data to work.
Potential Applications: Medical Therapy

While most specialty controllers for interacting with virtual environments are focused on the media & entertainment segment, OYMotion has prioritized enterprise use cases. The company product strategy focuses on developing technology for medical therapy and industrial training.





(Image by REALIS)

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China
Product: An optical motion capture system that tracks the movement of objects, and allows human-computer interaction in large 3D space
Potential Applications: Location-Based Entertainment

Most location-based VR experiences in China are small kiosks inside shopping malls are arcades. As such, there is a lack of interaction between consumers, preventing multi-player experiences. Realis brings to the market is a solution for HyperVR locations.

The company is working with a prominent Chinese operator to open their first VR arcades in Chongqing, with more than 2000 square feet available. The selling point of this VR Arcade is that a maximum of eight people can simultaneously play the interactive games Realis develops for their clients.




A recorded 3D message on Owlii. (Photo by Owlii)

Headquarters: Beijing, China
Product: An AR communication platform using volumetric capture and 3D reconstruction technology.
Potential Applications: Communications & Social Networking

Owlii has a singular focus on reinventing mobile augmented reality communication. At CES 2018, Owlii exhibited a Star Wars-like holographic messaging platform, which could have broad consumer appeal. The app can both record a 3D holographic message and support a real-time AR call, two innovations that could make the company's technology a game-changer.

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