Greenlight Insights Identifies Collaborative Visualization as a Growth-Primed Category for Enterprise VR and AR

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San Francisco, March 9, 2019 -- Digital transformation leaders have spent the last few years foregrounding virtual reality and augmented reality collaborative visualization applications as major drivers of productivity and costs savings, according to Greenlight Insights. These products most often allow users to inhabit a shared virtual environment, communicate seamlessly via avatars, and view and manipulate different forms of 3D content. 

“Collaborative visualization encompasses so many of the core competencies of virtual reality and augmented reality, such as 1:1 user interactions, immersion, and user transportation,” said J.C. Kuang, analyst at Greenlight Insights. “As business technology professionals start building long term digital transformation strategies, consideration of this technology should be highly prioritized, as it presents an opportunity to build a more resistant and more flexible workplace of the future.”

Greenlight Insights' VR/AR Remote Collaboration and Visualization Market Perspective report provides a comprehensive look at the history, current state, and future potential of applications in this category deployable on virtual reality and augmented reality (xR) hardware platforms. The report offers critical guidance for navigating this nascent but important sector, which has long reaching implications of digital transformation professionals, including:

Disruption of Traditional Workspaces

As remote work and telecommunication become increasingly commonplace across a wide variety of white collar industries, spatial computing will ensure that mediation between team members has minimal impact on employees’ ability to communicate clearly and effectively from remote workspaces.

Increased Adoption of Cloud and SaaS Technology

As more businesses seek to streamline on-prem operations, migration of more and more computing tasks to the cloud will favor the use of virtual and augmented reality technology to foster meaningful collaboration between workers, whereas depending on mobile platforms will negatively impact productivity. 

Greenlight Insights’ VR/AR Remote Collaboration and Visualization Market Perspective, 2020 is available now. For more information, email, or call 415-854-3282.

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