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Greenlight VR is pleased to announce that select presentations will now be available for download on Slideshare. Now everyone can obtain market intelligence from select Greenlight VR research reports.

Today, we uploaded several slides from a presentation recently given to Hollywood studio executives at USC's Entertainment Technology Center in Los Angeles, CA. During the presentation, Clifton Dawson, Greenlight VR's Founder and CEO, asks four key questions:

  • Is Virtual Reality Craze Really Just About Oculus?
  • Will Consumers Outside Silicon Valley Embrace Virtual Reality?
  • Should Madison Avenue Pay Attention to Virtual Reality As A New Medium For Marketer?
  • What Types of Virtual Reality Content Will Resonate with Consumers?

These questions are asked and answered in The 2015 Virtual Reality
U.S. Consumer Survey by Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research. Featured in VentureBeat, Yahoo, FastCompany and Time Magazine, the 134-page report has industrywide implications for product manufacturers, marketers, and content developers in 2016.

For complete access to the 2015 Virtual Reality U.S. Consumer Survey, the report is available for purchase on the Greenlight VR website.

Greenlight VR_Consumer Insights on Slideshare