GDC 2017 Coverage

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Track the latest from Greenlight Insights' analysts at the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) & Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017 in San Francisco, CA February 27th - March 3rd.

Post GDC 2017: Unity & Greenlight Insights Discuss Industry Trends


The annual Game Developers Conference brings together technology vendors, publishers, and game developers in San Francisco, CA. Join a free 30-minute webinar recap with expert analysis on what the latest technology developments mean for gaming and non-gaming companies alike. Read more


Survios and Epic Games Showcase New Techniques at GDC 2017

Epic Games' VR game Robo Recall is released for free on Oculus Touch at GDC 2017.

Along with several product announcements, VR game publishers showcased new gameplay techniques during GDC 2017. The two games in particular defied what a VR game currently is. Read more


Greenlight Insights Holds Briefing on VR Market Growth @ GDC 2017


Greenlight Insights will host a special client and press briefing during GDC 2017 featuring feature new data from Greenlight Insights’ VR Industry Monitor survey. Read more