Going Beyond Gaming: The Rise of Virtual Reality for Business

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There are numerous non-entertainment applications for virtual reality technology. Although gaming and entertainment has garnered a majority of the media attention, investors are starting to funnel capital into other industries, such as 3D visualization softwares.

With over $500M to be invested in VR startups in 2015 and the overwhelming majority invested in Gaming and Entertainment technologies, the biggest investment opportunities may be in 3D Visualization technologies, which has applications across numerous industries. From automobile engineering and offshore drilling to virtual property tours, there are already industries taking advantage of virtual reality's unique benefits.

Businesses currently use VR to reduce the production costs of designing prototypes, to improve decision making, and to enhance the way consumers experience your real estate property. Specifically, we address the following business applications of virtual reality in our Insights Paper:

  • Cost-Effective Prototyping
  • Visualizing Information At Room-Scale
  • Showcasing Your Property in a Virtual Space
  • Virtual Stock Trading
  • Personalizing Information Presentation

We predict that with the continued adoption of VR head mounted displays, there will also be a rapid proliferation of applications for businesses beyond gaming.


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