Greenlight Insights Identifies Three Companies Expected to Have an Impact on the AR Cloud Computing Market

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Greenlight Insights today published a Deep Dive report profiling three companies in the Augmented Reality (AR) Cloud market with innovative new technologies or groundbreaking business models. The three companies are 6D.AI, Fantasmo, and Ubiquity6.

The AR Cloud is a real-time 3D, spatial map of the world, overlayed onto the real world. Due to the increasing popularity of location-based services, the AR Cloud enables information and experiences to be augmented, shared, and tied to specific physical locations to occur and persist across apps and devices in evolving ways.

The AR Cloud market has seen tremendous growth over the past half-decade as improvements to computer vision algorithms and greater proliferation of mobile computing have led to an increasing number of applications for the AR Cloud. Future growth will be accelerated by several factors including greater availability of next-gen mobile broadband (5G), increased quality and ubiquity of optical sensors, and an expanding number of ancillary use cases for spatial computing, such as autonomous robotics.

"The AR Cloud market is still small and growing quickly, yet a few vendors are starting to cater to customers including small and medium businesses, independent content creators, and major computing platform providers. There is still a significant opportunity for new vendors to make an impact and bring major technological innovation into the market. Those following the market should take note of the existing vendors, as we expect they will play a key role in expanding both the market and the capabilities of the AR Cloud," said J.C. Kuang, Analyst at Greenlight Insights.

The report, Augmented Reality Cloud Computing 2020 profiles three companies that are expected to have an impact on the 3D scanning market due to their innovative new technologies and groundbreaking business models.

  • 6D.AI provides APIs for mobile AR developers, focusing on large scale real-time 3D reconstructions of physical environments. 6D.AI offers its API to developers using a flexible business model. 
  • Fantasmo is developing an open-source technology stack for precise 3D mapping or physical environments, including a proprietary camera-based positioning protocol. In November of 2018, the company announced its intent to develop its camera positioning system (CPS) technology to be deployed into the micro-mobility market.
  • Ubiquity6 is a computer vision technology company developing persistent massively multiplayer AR experiences. In 2019, they released a smartphone app called which demonstrated the capability of its photogrammetric reconstruction technology on smartphones. 

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