Greenlight Insights Partners with SVVR, VRplay on Global Industry Study

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At Greenlight Insights, we strive to provide actionable and verified data to executives, as it is one of the most important ways we empower them to grow their businesses. While the U.S. market has been well studied by Greenlight Insights and other industry analysts, little is known about how international markets embrace and apply this new technology. As virtual reality ecosystem development continues to attract entrepreneurial and corporate resources, Greenlight Insights is committed to supplying leading innovators with insights they trust. That’s why last December Greenlight Insights introduced the Virtual Reality Industry Monitor as a comprehensive and ongoing study of executives in the virtual reality industry.

Today Greenlight Insights is announcing additions to the list of partners that help offer the data transparency the industry wants. In partnership with SVVR and VRplay, Greenlight Insights will survey and interview thousands of industry participants on executive attitudes, product planning, and business verticals to further develop industry benchmarks, while offering researchers, strategists and executives the data and transparency they need to innovate confidently.

“Understanding how innovators across different markets are building businesses and what their expectations are for the emerging medium is a responsibility Greenlight Insights takes very seriously, so we are excited to partner with the largest virtual reality communities around the globe,” said Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight Insights.


“We’re excited to partner with Greenlight Insights because we want to work with the global VR community on research that brings more people closer to the China market. This partnership will help the international audience realize the enormous growth opportunity in China’s consumer virtual reality market and explore exciting new opportunities, ” said Kevin Pan, Founder of VRplay.


Partners on the study include the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality ( and VRplay, the largest VR community for Chinese VR/AR enthusiasts and developers. New partners and preliminary result updates will continue to be released.


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