Greenlight Insights Introduces New Global xR Forecasting Service

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Greenlight Insights, a leading provider of global market information for the virtual and augmented reality industry, announced it is introducing a new forecasting service. The service is designed to provide a complete, comparative view of our five-year hardware and software forecasts for 9 global regions.

At the heart of this service is Greenlight Insights’ highly respected Global xR Market Model, used by over 100 leading global technology companies, Fortune 500 brands, and innovative startups for forecasting and scenario analysis. This world-class financial model is specific to the dynamics of the VR/AR market and identifies the key influencing factors about which assumptions are made. Most importantly, the Global xR Forecasting Service leverages Greenlight Insights’ other proprietary research modalities, including the semi-annual RealityIQ Industry Survey and annual Virtual Reality Consumer Adoption Survey.

“We’re tapping into Greenlight’s gold mine,” stated Clifton Dawson, Founder & CEO. “Through our category leadership and rigorous research methods, we’re able to combine tried-and-true economic forecasting with quantitative industry analysis and consumer research. It’s difficult to overstate the value of that one-of-a-kind information; it serves as the ideal check and basis for continuously calibrating, validating and refining our sales forecasts.”

The Global xR Forecasting Service provides research managers with all they need to risk-proof their product, marketing, and investment strategies. Each quarter, our senior financial analysts, supported by a global team of analysts, provide clients with in-depth insights into future technology, industry and consumer trends.

Subscribers to the Global xR Forecasting Service receive:

  • Delivered in Excel, data is presented in advanced, easy-to-use tables, charts, and graphs which visualize trends and easily export findings and charts for presentations and reports.
  • Direct, on-demand access to senior analysts to clarify metrics and methodologies.
  • Latest market analysis, released in response to breaking market events and economic news that will affect the VR/AR community. We provide at least one timely analytical Research Notes, including the name and contact details for the Greenlight Insights analyst.

This is the latest addition to Greenlight Insights’ expanding portfolio of data-driven solutions. Want a demo? Talk to us now about becoming a client.

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