Upcoming Greenlight VR White Paper: Measuring Human Factors For Virtual Reality Experience Design

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Greenlight VR continues to engage market leaders in the emerging field of analytics for virtual reality in order to collaborate on innovative research. There’s one currently in the works, about measuring human factors for virtual reality experience design, sponsored by YouVisit and EaseVR, and written by our new associate Michael Mascioni.

Stay tuned for the full release sometime next month. Analytics solutions will be a main focus at the upcoming Greenlight VR Virtual Reality Intelligence & Analytics Web Summit on March 15-16, 2016. Members of the media can register for the event by contacting Michael Mascioni at michael.mascioni@greenlightvr.com.

Measuring Human Factors For User Experience Design Efficacy: Storytelling In Virtual Reality Will Require A New Suite of Metrics

Today’s business executives face an innovation challenge. Executives in new industries must embrace virtual reality, not as an emerging technology to keep an eye on, but as a serious tool within their ever-increasing strategic toolbox. This requires they understand a set of complex technologies; understand rapidly evolving best practices; listen closely to early adopters; and fit creative ideas to tangible business objectives.

With virtual reality, users can directly engage, interact and gaze at objects in profound ways. Immersive experiences create fundamentally new user engagement data that is not possible to capture and analyze with currently available tools, like Web & Mobile analytics.

Ease is an experience-driven analytics solution for virtual reality developers and behavioral researchers. Survey everything from core systems data like average session length and crashes to rich engagement dimensions that represent what users see, do and feel.

Ease computes Human Factors™ in realtime for predictive analysis and allows content creators the ability to understand and react to measured user comfort, happiness and well-being and eliminate simulator sickness.