Microsoft Windows Offers New Home For Mixed Reality

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While Oculus Home and SteamVR Home offer spaces for launching into your VR experiences, you can’t really do much there.  Windows Home Space promises to be much more.  In fact, it may be where many Windows Mixed Reality users spend most of their plugged-in time in the future.

Windows Home takes the 2D PC display paradigm and expands it into 3D space.  Instead of just being a waystation on the way to other apps, Home is an actual destination.  A place where you can explore, watch videos, work, play, enjoy entertainment, create, learn, and communicate.

Windows Mixed Reality

Source: UploadVR

Welcome to Your New Home... in Windows Mixed Reality

The difference between Windows Mixed Reality Home and Oculus Home or Steam VR Home is the integration of 2D apps that you pin to a wall (or anywhere) and display many of the same Windows apps you currently see on the 2D display on your desk or laptop.

With a mixed reality display, you can place multiple windows with documents, web pages, videos, games, social media, a TV, or a huge movie screen.  There is really no limit to virtual space, or what you can display and experience there.  

ASUS Headset

Source: ASUS

In fact, expect Windows Mixed Reality headsets to displace some displays and big screen TVs over time. Extend that a little more to a future where desks, cubicles, offices and commuting to work may become a thing of the past for many people.  Further, in the future, classrooms or even schools could be substantially supplanted by mixed reality lessons that take students into the lab, operating room, space station, and beyond to learn things through experience, not just book learning.  Next will be mixed reality study groups, conferences, meetings, sports, virtual music bands, travel... well you get the “picture”.

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