Research Suggests Oculus Pricing Is Aimed At Early Adopters

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Exclusive Greenlight VR research in 2015 shows high interest in VR, with 79 percent wanting "more" after test drive and just 6% saying they had no interest. But $599 price is only attractive to 40 percent of potential market.  20% said they'd pay $400-$599; 9% would pay $600+ and 9 percent said they'd pay $1000+.  Top adopters seen by Greenlight VR:  Males, Milennials, GenZ and Avid Gamers. 

These findings form part of Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research's 2015 Virtual Reality Consumer, U.S. Sentiment Survey that included responses from 2,282 interviews conducted using an online panel sample. The sample was evenly distributed across several key age subgroups (ages 10 through 61+) and by gender. The sample was controlled and quota selected to provide a final sample of completed interviews reflecting US Census on several demographic, including ethnicity, region, marital, and presence of child under 18 in the household. The survey took place between September and October 2015 and marks the first year that Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research have collaborated on such a comprehensive study.

“Our data is clear - mainstream consumers in the United States and in the global markets we've studied are hesitant to pay for virtual reality above certain price thresholds. This will certainly impact early sales at the very least,” says Sean Whitmore, Analyst at Greenlight VR. "Nevertheless, we are at the very beginning of what we expect to be a large consumer market, so story is just unfolding."

More detailed analysis on mainstream consumer expectations for Oculus and other HMD manufacturers pricing are available in the 2015 Virtual Reality U.S. Consumer Report.



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