Greenlight VR to Open New Beijing Office and Host Research Briefing in China

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Greenlight VR announces an exclusive media briefing in China on the developing global VR market insights amid launching a Beijing office this week.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (June 8, 2016) - Greenlight VR, the leader in virtual reality market intelligence and research services, demonstrated their commitment to the Chinese virtual reality market by announcing a new office in Beijing, China. Greenlight VR will host a special research briefing for media and invited guests featuring cross-border insights and strategies for corporate executives, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The opening of the Beijing office represents the first of a series of strategic commitments from Greenlight VR to provide original, industry-leading research on one of the world’s fast-growing VR markets. Along with being tasked with growing Greenlight VR's mindshare in the world's most populous nation, Greenlight VR will also investigate specific needs of the area to provide excellent and highly tailored research services.

"We've been aggressively expanding Greenlight VR internationally for the last two years and opening an office in Beijing is a big move for us to meet high demand for research and consulting services in China," said Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight VR. "Partnerships with key Chinese market research firms, agreements with community organizers, and opening of the China office are all part of a dedication to understanding the emerging Chinese virtual reality markets as intensely as we've supported it in the west."

Other major players in the virtual and augmented reality industry are also getting on board and demonstrating this dedication, like HTC, which announced that it will be devoting $100 million to a new virtual reality accelerator program for developers based in Beijing, San Francisco and Taipei.

Leading Greenlight VR’s China office will be Eddie Lou, a market research veteran and virtual reality leader who, before joining Greenlight VR, worked for APEC China Business Council, Accenture, and iResearch. Lou has also been the organizer of the Global Innovator Conference and GIC VR Summit, as well as co-founder of Artlord VR Studios.

As the first of many initiatives in China, Greenlight VR host a special research briefing, ‘Developing Global VR Market Insights’ on June 20th at the Context Lab in Beijing’s art gallery district. The press briefing will feature a fireside chat and an exclusive panel with several lead company guests to be revealed just before the event. The briefing will also feature key highlights from Greenlight VR’s latest study, 2016 Consumer Adoption Report, set to be released on June 17th. The opening of the Beijing office makes China the second country to join Greenlight VR’s United States offices in San Francisco and New York City.

About Greenlight VR
Greenlight VR is the industry leader in business intelligence for the virtual reality global market. By maintaining the most comprehensive dataset of information on companies and consumer behavior for the Virtual RealitiesTM, Greenlight VR provides global technology companies, Fortune 500 brands, and innovative startups original research and services to make strategic decisions. Visit for more information and follow @GreenlightVR on Twitter.


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