The Optis Presence at LiveWorx 2017

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LiveWorx 2017
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LiveWorx Technology Conference 2017 took place from May 22nd to the 25th at the Boston Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. The event brought together a mix of technology companies working largely within the manufacturing space. The message of LiveWorx 2017 was clear: The manufacturing industry must change with the evolution of VR/AR technologoy. On the showroom floor, virtual prototyping company Optis conveyed this theme.

Founded in 1989, Optis is has always been geared towards streamlining the prototyping process within the automotive industry. Its current client spread includes the automotive, aerospace, architecture, and luxury industries. Its software suite creates true-to-life 3D virtual prototypes using a physics-based simulation of optics, light, material, human vision, and acoustics.

Beginning in 2013, the entire company began using virtual reality in its prototyping software. Optis' VRXperience testing rig is designed to fully replicate the driving process in challenging environments, including at night and in the rain. Using a three-screen interface to substitute for a headset, as well as a steering wheel and car interface controller, creates a perfect real-time driving substitution. This allows automakers the ability to test their product before building it, saving money and time in the design process.

Optis was touting VRXperience on the LiveWorx showroom floor, along with the remainder of its software suite. The company stressed the enhanced light simulation portion of its software, which replicates headlight performance in a wide variety of variables.

The company also highlighted its partnership with PTC - stressing that the CREO software played a role in product development. CREO is 3D CAD software designed to minimize the time from concept to digital prototype. In the vein of PTC's flagship program, Thingworx, CREO does not create content on its own, but is tool set for developers to rapidly adapt to the changing technology of the manufacturing industry. Optis represents the type of company that PTC wished to showcase - one that was not afraid to reinvent itself with a better solution. The company has evolved from optics to virtual reality.

Optis VRXperience at LiveWorx 2017

Optis VRXperience Demo at LiveWorx 2017

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