Special Report Highlights Deployment of 5G as Critical Factor for Evolution of Virtual & Augmented Reality

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5G capable of addressing many of the greatest obstacles currently facing xR streaming across both fixed and mobile broadband

San Francisco, May 6, 2019 - Greenlight Insights’ latest report on provides in-depth on the impact of 5G and cloud computing on virtual & augmented reality (xR) for the next five years.  Included in Greenlight Insights’ report 5G, Cloud, and xR are key trends in xR and streaming media, a contextualized treatment of current 5G specifications, and an industry map for major stakeholders in the AR cloud. xR industry stakeholders will also benefit from critical guidance addressing how hardware manufacturers and content providers should regard the likely impact of 5G and Cloud infrastructure.

As the global telecommunications industry continues to pursue 5G deployments, xR has become a frequently cited application in discussions surrounding key use cases. While commercial and enterprise clients of network operators look towards enabling interconnected smart cities and industrial IoT automation deployments of unprecedented scale and speed, the benefits of 5G for consumers have proven considerably more difficult to articulate, in part because 5G is so much more complex than a simple increase in data transfer speeds.

Greenlight Insights analyst JC Kuang comments: “The most important thing for xR stakeholders to know about 5G is that, when it finally arrives, it will drive a fundamental, industry-wide re-evaluation of the economics, and disrupt many of the paradigms of mobile computing.”

“Providers of applications, operating systems, and silicon must gain a deep understanding of the impact of next-gen broadband reducing computing loads for end users, without compromising speed, latency, or power efficiency,” says Kuang.

The 2019 5G, Cloud, and xR Special Report provides many insights that business leaders will find useful today. It is available to subscribers to Greenlight Insights’ Intelligence Services. To learn how your company can benefit from this report, email hello@greenlightinsights.com or visit greenlightinsights.com.

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