Retinad To Present New Analytics Platform At 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit

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We’re six weeks away from the 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit produced by Greenlight VR. The online conference is expected to take the industry by storm with exclusive insights and expert-led discussions about virtual reality & analytics. Retinad, a user analytics platform for virtual reality, will present what they have been working on since emerging from the Rothenberg Ventures accelerator program in 2015. Here’s a sneak peak at Retinad’s new 360° Heatmap Analytics tool for VR apps, films and experiences: 

Retinad MotionTrackingHeatmap

With heat maps, qualitative information about visual processing can be easily visualized and communicated. Today, heat maps are typically generated for 2D stimuli that have been presented on a computer display. However, mapping overt visual attention on stimuli from a three dimensional virtual environment is not straight-forward and the process is not well understood.

“With a dedicated analytical platform, Retinad provides filmmakers and developers the opportunity to understand how users interacts with their virtual reality applications. This knowledge can help unlock the creative process and advance virtual reality as a medium,” says Alexander Haque, Director of Developer Relations.

Retinad will share with attendees of the 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit:

  1. How Retinad makes it easy for filmmakers to drag-and-drop their full analytics suite into their VR apps
  2. How their out-of-the-box API integrates within custom engines
  3. Details of their bespoke service where filmmakers can send Retinad their content

Currently, Retinad is working with studios to perfect this technology, and will offer their bespoke solution for free to applicants who register on their website: