Telemetry Tracking Software To Pave the Way At 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit

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As we approach the 2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit, new and exciting platforms emerge to map a user’s experience within an HMD. That is why CognitiveVR will be there on March 16th to showcase their new telemetry tracking software.

Cognitive VR

Source: CognitiveVR


“CognitiveVR’s analytics platform allows developers to leverage spatial telemetry data to better understand user engagement within their VR experiences. Our platform offers powerful analytics tools such as heat-mapping, A/B testing, segmentation, and targeting to measure and influence​ things like user behavior, perception, cognitive engagement, sickness tracking, and even entertainment value,” says Robert Merki, CognitiveVR's Director of Product.

By taking advantage of multiple engines and platforms, CognitiveVR is looking to answer five critical questions for their customers:

  • Vision heatmaps – what are people actually looking at?
  • Look vs. touch – do users interact with what they look at?
  • Motion sickness tracking – are people getting sick from your products?
  • Engagement rates – do people interact with what you’re building?
  • A/B testing – which version of your product do people prefer?


With this information marketers will be able to track what their user is really experiencing. In the end, this will allow brands to better target content directly to their users.

CognitiveVR will be demoing their new platform at the Vendor Showcase on March 16th. To see them and other leading analytic platforms reserve your spot here.