New Insights Paper: Virtual Reality in Rapid Prototyping

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Greenlight VR_Insights Paper

As virtual reality gains more and more attention in the media, industries outside of gaming and entertainment are beginning to realize the potential of the medium in consumer markets. However, what is there to say about the uses of VR in applications on the industrial end? We explore this in Greenlight VR's latest insights paper, Ideas to Products - Bridging the Gap: Virtual Reality's Role in Rapid Prototyping.

Rapid prototyping is a methodology for creators to expedite the process of turning ideas into finished products. While specific practices differ across various industries, the common denominator across all types of rapid prototyping is a means of translating concepts into physical space, which is key when communicating ideas within teams large and small.

VR in Rapid Prototyping

How virtual reality meet the demands of rapid prototyping as outlined above is through the power of immersion and the potential for ideation through iterative design at a relatively low fixed cost. In our paper, a Greenlight VR analyst details how virtual reality can help lead to finished products faster, but can also expose designers to innovative solutions that they never could have imagined.

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Jeremy Joachim
Research Analyst