Virtual Reality Strategy Conference 2016 To Present New Rules For Experience Economy

Clifton Dawson, Principal Analyst Press Releases

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We’re delighted to announce the theme for Virtual Reality Strategy 2016: Winning in the New Experience Economy: The New Rules.

We like our event theme to be applicable to both the event itself as well as the current state of the industry. We always put a lot of time and thought into it, and decided to share with you how the 2016 theme came about.

Since 2014, the central theme of our research has been Advancing the Future of Virtual Reality with Insight – because we started the company in admiration of the creativity and commitment of the innovators dedicated to accelerating the industry’s bright future, and wanted to provide high-value research to support their efforts.

Therefore, when we thought about what the industry needed at this critical juncture, we wanted our 2016 conference to build upon that foundation of original research. But what is beyond insights?

Winning in the New Experience Economy: The New Rules

We realized that, these days, everything is about the experience. Interactive Entertainment. Social Networking. Mobile Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality. There are very few things being created today that are not disruptive to the experience economy.  So not only is virtual reality all about diverse experiences, but The New Rules are being written now.

Symbolic of Greenlight VR’s approach, the Virtual Reality Strategy conference is a distillation of years of research, industry focus, and relationships into a curated conference experience. The topics of the conference are those that our clients and colleagues have expressed the most interested in: growth, monetization, and insights into the new emerging experience economy.  

Because Virtual Reality is experience. And Experience is Everything.

— Clifton Dawson


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