Greenlight Insights Announces VR Arcade Summit 2017 to Help Create Effective Location-Based VR Strategy

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VR Arcade Summit 2017
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One-Day Intensive Event Offers Executive Sessions, Industry-Specific Training, and Networking

August 30, 2017 –The global location-based virtual reality community will gather at VR Arcade Summit 2017 October 26 in San Francisco, California for a day of industry presentations, strategy workshops, and networking focused on accelerating the strategy development, technology partnerships, and content deals for the out-of-home VR market.

The VR Arcade Summit 2017 is being co-produced by Virtual World Arcade, organizers of the annual VR Arcade Conference. VR Arcade Summit is being co-located with the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference taking place on October 24-26 at San Francisco's Hilton Financial District Hotel.

The launch of the VR Arcade Summit 2017 reflects the emergence of virtual reality for location-based entertainment, education, and out-of-home leisure use.  Greenlight Insights has forecast that location-based virtual reality, including hardware, software, and services, will soon surpass $1 billion[1].  Already,  content owners are experimenting with technologies, venue strategies, and business models to accurately capture unprecedented levels of interest from consumers in trying VR at arcades, hyper-reality facilities, theme parks, movie theaters, and museums.  Disney, The Void,  HTC and other industry leaders are playing an important role in driving the proliferation of location-based virtual reality venues around the globe over the past two years.

“We’re entering a period where any virtual reality content owner must develop specific strategies and partners to capitalize on the rapid growth of location-based VR globally,” said Clifton Dawson, Founder & CEO of Greenlight Insights. “At VR Arcade Summit 2017, the industry’s top  innovators and thought leaders will provide attendees with critical knowledge that will help them put distinct tactics to work in their content and operational strategies, and give them an exclusive preview of Greenlight’s  new location-based market intelligence.”

At VR Arcade Summit 2017, attendees will learn about current and future trends in the location-based virtual reality industry while obtaining actionable insights through industry-specific sessions and workshops across four tracks including content development, distribution, technology, and business strategy. Attendees will also learn how virtual reality is changing the out-of-home entertainment and leisure industries, and how they can stake their claim of the hyper-growth Location-Based VR sector.

Registration for VR Arcade Summit 2017 will open next week on

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[1] Greenlight Insights, “Location-Based Virtual Reality Entertainment,” August 2017