2019 Light Field Displays

14-page report with sections on key software vendors & commentary about the future of light field displays.

The Greenlight View: The History of xR

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Before Oculus was acquired for $3 billion by Facebook and Pokemon Go took the world by storm, pioneers were working on virtual reality and augmented reality (“xR”) technology and applications decades ago. Sit down with Ben Delaney, Chief Analyst at Greenlight Insights, as he discusses the frequently overlooked history of xR. “The Greenlight View” is a bi-weekly video series presented … Read More

Instagram is Now Augmented Reality’s Biggest Retail Platform

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As part of its annual developer conference, Facebook announced a major update to its Spark AR platform at F8: Developers will now be able to create AR content for Messenger and Instagram. The little-discussed expansion would, for the first time, create an outlet to Instagram for third-party developers. With over a billion monthly active users (MAUs), Instagram does not have … Read More

Interactive Narratives Bring New Depth to xR Storytelling

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Over the last few years, subscription video on demand (SVOD) has created a platform where viewers could watch an almost endless library of content whenever they wanted, taking control away from broadcasters and cable companies. Now, interactive videos are primed to disrupt the entertainment ecosystem again.   Interactive, choose-your-own-adventure content is turning a traditional production on its head, gamifying the … Read More

NAB 2019: Key Themes in Immersive Media

NAB 2019: Key Themes in Immersive Media NAB 2019 featured several core event themes to help broadcasters and content creators navigate the mega trends disrupting the future of immersive media & entertainment. This show report contains the top stories from the show, and updates from the team and what caught our eye. Release Date: April 12, 2019 Subscribers Only This … Read More

A Reality Check on the 360-Degree Camera Marketplace in 2019

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Camera manufacturers and video production service providers are challenged to support business units with growth initiatives as they respond to persistent challenges and opportunities in the 360-video space. The ability to identify and leverage key market demand drivers will be one of the most critical business objectives for organizations in the spherical camera and 360-degree video marketplace the next half … Read More

Spherical Cameras Market Review 2019

Spherical Cameras Market Review 2019 Our annual report detailing the competitive landscape and future trends for the 180- & 360-Degree Cameras & Video markets. Release Date: February 2019 Request More Information The Spherical Cameras Market Review features key sections: Executive Summary Introduction Forecasts Industry Structure Industry Landscape Recommendations Applicable Audience: Brands/OEMs/ODMs for 360 camera systems Product planning managers for 360 … Read More