Vrideo Shuts Down, Signaling Troubles Ahead for 360 Video

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Vrideo announced November 21 that it is shuttering its 360 video aggregation website and app, which had more than 700,000 installs. The ambitious site raised an initial funding round of $2 million in early 2015 from investors including Machinima co-founder Allen DeBevoise, Betaworks and Lerer Hippeau Ventures. Vrideo was apparently unable to raise any additional funding since, and simply ran out of … Read More

Tribeca’s Virtual Arcade Highlights VR Artistry

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Tribeca Film Festival happened last month and featured over 1,400 films. This year, Tribeca joined Sundance and other major film festivals to showcase VR experiences, educating storytellers and major publishers about the power of storytelling via virtual reality and 360 video. The Tribeca Film Festival featured a “Virtual Arcade” where attendees could try 13 VR experiences. As detailed in Greenlight VR 2016 Industry Report, … Read More

3 Takeaways from Virtual Reality Summit

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Yesterday, Steve Marshall, Senior Vice President at Greenlight VR, was invited to present as a featured speaker at the Virtual Reality Summit in NYC. His presentation focused on assessing the current growth and development of the VR industry from a business perspective. Here are the 3 of the main takeaways from the session: 1. VR is Not the Latest Video Format While it … Read More

What Will Be The Impact of Introducing 360 Video on Apple TV?

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Apple hasn’t explicitly announced a product strategy that involves virtual reality, but Greenlight VR expect the super secretive company to be a significant player in the mid- to long-term. That’s why our analysts were not surprised by the recent announcement by Littlstar, a content distribution network dedicated exclusively to virtual reality, 360 video, and immersive experiences, that it was integrating … Read More