Greenlight Insights Launches Third Annual State of Virtual Reality Survey

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Today we are launching the third annual Virtual Reality Industry Monitor survey, which is fielded twice throughout the year among thousands of technology professionals worldwide in an effort to better understand the health and habits of organizations producing, adopting and investing in virtual and augmented reality. This survey provides proprietary industry- and sector-specific benchmarks, which are used by companies to set priorities for the coming years.

The survey, which was developed by Greenlight Insights’ analysts Clifton Dawson, Greg Harmon, and Steve Marshall, was developed based on the Delphi Method, a structured communication technique originally developed as a systematic, interactive forecasting method including a panel of experts. The survey continues to engage developers, entertainment and non-entertainment producers, hardware manufacturers, distributors, marketers, and investors to assess:

  • Assess industry growth (and challenges to growth)
  • Specific needs to maximize business performance over next 12 months
  • Platforms for which content and hardware are being developed
  • Business performance expectations (revenues, profitability)
  • Distribution plans
  • Product price points
  • Company metrics (including areas of focus, performance expectations, and financing)

This year’s survey remains largely unchanged from Wave 3.0 (fielded in August 2016), providing an opportunity to report on emerging trends. Results of the survey is openly published each year in the summer. This year, results from the survey will be presented in a keynote at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality, the world's largest professional conference for the virtual reality industry, taking place March 29 - March 31, 2017 in San Jose, CA. We’re pleased to see that the survey and its report now serves as the de facto gauge for the VR community to find the pulse of the industry.

The survey is open for responses now at and will close on March 1st. To learn more about the survey, email


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