Survios and Epic Games Showcase New Techniques at GDC 2017

Alexis MacklinAnalysis, Events

Virtual reality had an overwhelming presence at GDC throughout sessions and the expo floor. As a follow-up to VR’s breakout year in 2016, the gaming industry focused on how to improve VR experiences for consumers.

Along with top news of price drops and headset announcements, developers showcased new techniques displayed in VR games. Two gaming titles surprised VR fans at GDC: Robo Recall and Sprint Vector. The two games defied what a VR game currently is.

Epic Games’ Robo Recall went beyond a typical arcade-style VR game. Most VR experiences lack of an overarching plot that encourages longer game play. Although Robo Recall isn't an epic storytelling experience gamers enjoy most, new levels, goals and gaming environments supplement the title's simple gaming mechanics to expose a more complicated game.

Survios’ Sprint Vector successfully contradicts the rules of VR locomotion. Motion sickness is a common complaint of VR experiences that VR developers are combating. Content developers use teleportation or a slow-floating movement to prevent it. Sprint Vector has the user seemingly sprint at top speeds through the game without the feeling of motion sickness. This is hopeful of more experiences that can create successful game play with new locomotion and movement. These two deviations from the status quo bring a layer of necessary, successful experimentation to the industry.

In addition to new experiences hitting the expo floor for the first time, industry leaders discussed ways to build social experiences, avatar creation and compelling emotional characters. Global Head of VR/AR at Unity Technologies, Tony Parisi will join Greenlight Insights Analyst Alexis Macklin to discuss these themes deeper during Greenlight Answers: Top Immersive Tech from VRDC 2017. Sign up today to reserve your spot.

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