Greenlight Insights Forecasts Growth in Volumetric Video

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San Francisco, CA – May 10, 2021 -- Among renewed interest from investors and technology companies, new research from Greenlight Insights highlights compelling long-term market potential for volumetric and depth-enabled video technology.

Greenlight Insights’ research shows that the market for volumetric capture, compression, and sharing technology could reach a value in excess of 2.5 billion by 2026, and surpassing 40 billion dollars by 2030, driven by major advances in live and real-time streaming applications and an opportunity to capture market share from the digital video industry. 

Interest in volumetric video capture and streaming technology is at a peak alongside the gradual rise of virtual and augmented reality, as well as other novel forms of immersive displays currently deployed in enterprise verticals such as AEC and automotive manufacturing. 

“There are several distinct buying segments seeking a variety of benefits offered by volumetric video, from installation marketing to 3D asset generation,” said JC Kuang, Principal Analyst at Greenlight Insights. “Moreover, some current end-to-end volumetric solution providers will be in a precarious market position later in the forecast term as demand from quality-sensitive clients increases, opening an opportunity for higher-quality, scalable solutions currently in development at startups and global technology conglomerates.”

Further research into volumetric and holographic technology will be presented in an upcoming report. To learn more about our research or schedule a briefing, email, visit, or call 415-854-3282.