2019 Immersive Displays Industry Report

An in-depth look at the current and future markets for non-head-mounted displays, which enable large-scale, interactive virtual 3D environments for collaborative work and presentation.

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Release Date: July 18, 2019

Though much of the recent hype in xR has been focused on head-mounted displays (HMDs), most business and commercial applications of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality do not employ HMDs, but instead use large-format display screens (LFDs), Computer Assisted Virtual Environments (CAVEs), domes, and cylindrical display systems.

This report focuses on those non-HMD displays, and the applications, vendors, and integrators delivering solutions incorporating those displays in the xR space. The report also covers new technologies, including autostereoscopic displays, volumetric displays and transparent displays, as well as several display technologies that are emerging and will be important in coming years.

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Key topics featured in this report:

  • 5-year forecast of CAVE, Cylinder Displays, Dome, and Large Display system sales, 2019-2023

  • Analysis of key market drivers, restraints, and future opportunities on market dynamics

  • A comprehensive mapping of key technology providers, including top display manufacturers, integrators, and application providers

  • Key technologies to watch

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