2019 Light Field Display Market Perspective

Light Field displays are one of the most exciting new technologies poised to disrupt not only xR, but the display industry as a whole.

Release Date: August 2019

Greenlight Insights' 2019 Light Field Display Market Perspective provides a comprehensive look at the history, current state, and future potential of true-to-life 3D images for consumers and businesses in xR. The report offers a concise but thorough survey of the global augmented reality, examining current and emerging display hardware, software and applications, and major stakeholders in the augmented reality industry.

Greenlight Insights hopes to refine its concrete definition for light field technology within the greater context of immersive and autostereoscopic displays, and assist executives, strategists, and stakeholders to navigate an often complex but important sector of xR technology.

Companies Covered
CREAL 3D, FoVI3D, Leia, Light Field Lab, Looking Glass Factory