AR Cloud 2020: The Next Frontier for Augmented Reality

This market research report analyses the dynamic growth of leading AR cloud technology companies.

Release Date: January 22, 2020

In 2020, Augmented Reality experiences can now be considered a staple of the mobile computing experience. Smartphones create sophisticated graphical overlays that react to real-world activity, and developers are actively leveraging and monetizing this technology in both entertainment and business scenarios. However, the next generation of AR experiences will require deeper interactivity with the physical world, and enhanced multi-user interaction.

The Augmented Reality (AR) Cloud is a real-time 3D, spatial map of the world, overlayed onto the real world. Due to the increasing popularity of location-based services, the AR Cloud enables information and experiences to be augmented, shared, and tied to specific physical locations to occur and persist across apps and devices in evolving ways.

In this report, Greenlight Insights will help stakeholders understand the complex nature of the AR Cloud, which will enable AR technology to create truly shared worlds and experiences. The report will cover the significant progress made on the development of a unified, cloud-based world by innovative venture-backed startups, and offer critical guidance for AR stakeholders and new entrants into the space.

Companies Covered
6D.AI, Fantasmo, Ubiquity6