Global Immersive Camera Industry Report, 2021

This report focuses in on the most important developments in hardware and platforms, as well as our industry-leading quantitative insights and forecasting.

Release Date: June 2021

The Global Immersive Camera Market Report includes
Greenlight Insights acclaimed analysis and forecasting on
hardware, software, surveying the ongoing impact of recent
trends such as remote/hybrid work and growing demand for
immersive video content.

The immersive camera (also known as 360 camera) market is currently undergoing rapid change due to the global pandemic, economic fallout, and multi-year trend of corporate consolidations. However, despite this market flux, there are opportunities for growth in both consumer and professional use.

This study examines the worldwide immersive cameras market for the forecast period of 2020 to 2025, with revenue and shipment trends and market growth forecasts. Strategic planners, stakeholders, and decision-makers will find invaluable data and insights that will be invaluable for navigating a growing and dynamic market.

Companies Covered
Coolpo, GoPro, Insta360, Kandao, OwlLabs, Ricoh, Samsung, Vuze