Optics Technologies for XR Head-Mounted Displays at CES 2020: Are We There Yet?

This show report contains the top stories in photonics, waveguides, and optical technology for VR/AR/XR displays from CES 2020, and updates from the team and what caught our eye.

Release Date: January 14, 2020

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the world’s largest shows and one of the most critical for observing trends in new consumer electronics technology. The 2020 show was held in Las Vegas on January 7-10.

Of the challenges currently facing augmented reality wearables, manufacturing an efficient, high-quality near-eye display is the most significant. CES hosted a number of innovative and established companies developing powerful microdisplays, waveguides, and optical engines. These products provide valuable insight into the performance, cost, and form factor of upcoming AR HMDs.

This report provides clients the latest on innovation in optical solutions for virtual and augmented reality head-mounted displays from CES 2020, supply chain situation, and additional insight on macroeconomic trends.

Companies Covered
DigiLens, Jade Bird Display, LetinAR, Lumens, Plessey, Syndiant
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