Greenlight Insights Highlights the Transformational Impact of Immersive CAD for Design-Led Product Innovation

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The 2019 Immersive CAD Solutions Market Perspective Provides Insights on Prioritizing Design Technology Investments

San Francisco, CA – November 12, 2019 -- Virtual and augmented reality are approaching a tipping point of adoption among computer-aided design (CAD)-heavy enterprise verticals. According to Greenlight Insights, virtual and augmented reality viewer and editor solutions offers design organizations the ability to create and review the output of CAD-based workflows with less effort, while increasing employee efficiency and reducing rework.

“Immersive CAD solutions are expanding into more design-led organizations and are becoming integral to their digital transformation capabilities,” said J.C. Kuang, analyst at Greenlight Insights. “Rather than maintain lengthy design evaluation periods, organizations can instead simulate and convey technical data spatially using VR or AR, affording designers a better sense of how their designs might occupy a physical space.” 

The 2019 Immersive CAD Solutions Market Perspective offers a comprehensive survey of immersive CAD suites, examining providers such as PTC, Autodesk, Dassault Systems, VizExperts, and Mindesk. Greenlight Insights finds not all solutions are created equal. “The ability of a solution to present design information using techniques such as stereoscopy or rotational and spatial tracking is an important differentiator among the large and new companies competing in this market,” said Mr. Kuang. 

“Despite all its potential benefits, it will take time for organizations to take notice of immersive CAD solutions for design-led product innovation,” said Mr. Kuang. “Design leaders whose CAD practices are globally distributed or plagued by lengthy evaluation periods should seize the opportunity to learn more about immersive CAD’s potential use cases while preparing for an increase in the vendor landscape.

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