How To Master The Virtual Reality Industry

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Greenlight VR is happy to announce the release of the most comprehensive industry report written about virtual reality. Created in partnership with UploadVR, the VR Industry Report: July 2015 is 135 pages of market intelligence and analysis, answering the most important questions investors and executives have about this fast-growing industry.

Gain an information advantage with key insights on the following:

  • A History of Different Eras of Virtual Reality
  • The Global VR Ecosystem --YoY Growth Benchmarks & Forecasts, Emerging Markets, Country Profiles
  • The VR Investment Landscape --  Investment Trends, Investor Habits, Underfunded Sectors
  • Content -- Distribution Platforms, App Pricing
  • Design Best Practices, Tools & Workflows
  • .... and more

VR Industry Report: July 2015

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