2018 Virtual Reality Consumer Report

Uncover the biggest trends in virtual reality. Get a comprehensive, data-driven report on 4,000+ consumer use, spending, and sentiment of major products, applications, content, and more.

Released: April 2018

What's In The Report?

Now in its 4th year, the 2018 Virtual Reality Consumer Study provides empirically-based insights into a broad scope of topics relating to consumers and virtual reality.
Report Benefits:

  • Demographics and psychographics of current & future HMD owners
  • Media consumption, shopping, and lifestyle behaviors of current HMD owners
  • Attitudes and intentions for different types of social, Location-Based VR, and more
  • Usage and willingness to spend on different types of VR content
  • Exposure and effectiveness of VR marketing campaigns
  • Available Report & Data Sheet:

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    Extra Audience Views

    New for 2018, Greenlight Insights offers third-party data for detailed audience views.
    • Leverage observational and location data beyond
      initial insights
    • Improve advertising and marketing ROI
    • Understand and leverage purchasing propensities
    • Connect survey data to verified, transactional
    • Identify new product marketing opportunities
    • Find and expand targeted audiences
    • Improve segmentation and predictive modeling

      About the research

      Greenlight Insights’ fourth annual edition of the Virtual & Augmented Reality Consumer Survey provides unique insight into consumer behavior with a panel of 4,217 US respondents aged 18-70.
      Focusing on four generations and five distinct age groups, the 2018 Consumer Study provides insight into how consumers are interacting with virtual reality products, applications, content, services, attitudes and behaviors toward location-based VR, social, advertising — and what their preferences might be in the future.

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