#GreenlightEvents: Join Us At BIA/Kelsey Next

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BIA/Kelsey NEXT, the quintessential interactive local media event, is where the leaders in local media and marketing gather each December for in-depth discussions around digital’s impact on local media today and in the future. This year, Greenlight VR has been invited to participate in the BIA/Kelsey Next Consumer Tech Expo, which showcases leading-edge consumer technologies, demonstrated live to BIA/Kelsey NEXT attendees.

Peter Krasilovsky, VP and Principal Analyst at BIA/Kelsey, writes on his blog, "What we know is that 360 degree video and other precursor technologies are now being applied for local verticals such as real estate, auto, retail and travel. It is fairly commonplace to get a view of new car interiors by mousing over them . But as processing capabilities improve, video costs decline, hardware production scales, and major companies invest, we’ll see full blown virtual reality being presented as a brand new channel for locally targeted brands. There may also be applications by local governments and others."

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