Magic Leap Answers Key Questions, But Raises New Ones

J.C. Kuang, Analyst Augmented Reality, Enterprise Transformation, Insight Articles

Magic Leap Machine Learning
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  • Magic Leap held its third online developer event this week, providing key product details
  • AT&T will be the exclusive telecom carrier of the Magic Leap's first publicly available product, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition
  • Hardware specifications reveal reasonable device power and the new Vignette Effect demonstrates what creators can look forward to

Magic Leap’s recent video broadcast, hosted by company leadership, included a handful of announcements and a pre-recorded demonstration of a potential application developed by the company’s own creative team. Over 3000 viewers tuned in to watch the stream live, at its peak, and the company has accrued over 60,000 cumulative views over the course of the series.

Our Analysis

Following a live showing of the device itself in episode 2, many believed this entry to bring a real demo of content created by the company. And while the demo was pre-recorded, the entire event represented an opportunity for the company to address many concerns from its fans and burgeoning developer community that was left largely unseized.

Magic Leap treated viewers to a few valuable tidbits, such as selected hardware specifications like the Tegra X2 housed in the Lightpack. Industry news outlets are also emphatic about a confirmed ship date in summer 2018, alongside announcements from major partners like AT&T.

However, the future is still full of questions for the world’s most secretive startup, and even with release more tangible than ever, the company still conspicuously refuses to offer clarification on some key points.

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