Measuring and Maximizing User Experience in Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality provides new and profound ways for consumers to directly engage and interact with products or virtual experiences. This has marketers and experience designers intrigued about the prospects of interaction and engagement with their respective brands in virtual worlds or environments. The challenge for executives now is to understand how to leverage this new technology to create a clear and measurable impact on their business.

Developing for VR platforms, whether it be mobile or desktop VR systems, requires a significant investment in both time and production costs. However, developing for an emerging medium with evolving best practices adds an entirely new layer of risk. In an effort to mitigate some of that risk, Greenlight Insights embarked upon a new user study to determine if analytics could provide measurable insight and data on consumer experiences within VR.

The study leveraged Ease VR’s methodology and technology to capture user analytics and understand the impact of VR applications on various human factors. The study measured human factors such as emotional responses, comfort, dizziness, headaches, nausea, excitement, happiness, sadness, scariness and presence – vital components to take into account for exceptional VR experiences. The study, conducted in December 2015, selected forty-two (42) participants. The resulting whitepaper, which is sponsored by YouVisit, will examine the results of the virtual travel experiences tested.

The results presented in this free research indicate that many types of VR experiences may be ready for primetime.

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