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Greenlight VR will expand its consumer research service internationally, through a collaboration with SuperAwesome, a market research firm focused on kids, tweens and teens in the United Kingdom.

"By interviewing thousands of UK respondents, our goal is to develop new insights about the emerging virtual reality industry, particularly from global perspective," says Sean Whitmore, Research Analyst at Greenlight VR. "From smartphone HMDs to console-based and PC-based HMDs, there is more variety in the consumer marketplace than ever before. It is the responsibility of content creators, marketing firms, distributors, and hardware manufacturers to know the nuances of key market segments and how best to grow."

Considering that the UK is home to the second largest number of VR companies (as well as an extremely active VR community), as was highlighted in Greenlight VR's previous July 2015 Virtual Reality Industry Report, it is important for industry analysts to understand consumer adoption in the region.

"Virtual reality in the UK might not be as popular by the numbers as it is in the US, but we are seeing strong interest across our sample base of 6-17 year olds," said Sam Clough, SuperAwesome’s Strategic Insights Director. "This is novel and groundbreaking research as there is no research today focusing on VR consumption proclivity, brand familiarity and concerns regarding this emerging tech for a UK sample."

Understanding similarities and differences between UK and US consumer sentiment is important for advertisers, content creators, hardware manufacturers and any business looking to venture into the VR space. Greenlight VR will not only be analyzing consumption preferences and brand awareness in the UK, but will also study the desire to create 360° content. With the latter, Greenlight VR will illuminate the industry regarding what tomorrow’s creators might look like.

This data will feature prominently in Greenlight VR’s 2016 United Kingdom VR Consumer Survey, where Greenlight VR will analyze consumer sentiments for virtual reality products and content. Pre-sales for the report and a preliminary table of contents can be found here.