Nomadic Joins Meow Wolf and New Wave of Interactive Entertainment in Vegas

Alexis Macklin, Research Manager Augmented Reality, Insight Articles, Location-Based Entertainment, Location-Based xR Intelligence Service, Media & Entertainment, Virtual Reality

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For 78 years, the Las Vegas Strip has been a playground solely for adults. However, the city has frequently reinvented itself to remain relevant with growing trends. From organized crime and the Rat Pack, to Celine Dion’s first residency and invention of the daytime pool club, it has worked to stay relevant with adult entertainment.  

The evolution has been influenced by upcoming generations’ differing tastes in adult entertainment. However, appealing to millennials has been difficult for casino operators. Although this will likely change with time, millennials are currently not highly interested in gambling, leading casino resort operators to invest in the latest entertainment trends, including virtual reality.

Location-based VR operator Nomadic recently announced it is joining art collective Meow Wolf in a new venture: A retail and entertainment complex called Area15, which is set to open in Fall 2019. The opening of Nomadic’s second location in Las Vegas will mark the 16th VR installation in the city and the 11th VR-centric venue.

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