Greenlight Insights’ Latest Report Shows Huge Potential in Large-Format Displays for Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

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Innovation in Visual Displays
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It’s not just about head-mounted displays anymore. Many business and commercial applications still require CAVEs and Domes for VR & AR

San Francisco, CA – Greenlight Insights’ latest report, 2018 Global Immersive Displays Market Report, provides manufacturers, integrators, developers, and end users with data & analysis allowing them to make better-informed choices regarding display systems for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) (together, xR). While the head-mounted display (HMD) has become icons of xR, in fact many, if not most, business and commercial applications do not employ HMDs, but instead, use large-format display screens (LFDs), Computer Assisted Virtual Environments (CAVEs), domes and cylindrical display systems. This report focuses on those non-HMD displays, and the applications, vendors, and integrators delivering solutions incorporating those displays in the xR space. The 2018 Global Immersive Displays Market Report also looks into the future to point out several up and coming technologies that will add value for users of synthetic environments.

The 69-page report is based on original research and includes analysis of key market drivers, restraints, and future opportunities, and a comprehensive mapping of key technologies, including top display manufacturers, integrators, and application providers. Application areas addressed range from advertising to x-ray technician training. Organizations use these applications mainly because they provide, or have the potential to provide important business, operational, and communication benefits.

The report looks at applications and vendors in six major sectors:

  • AEC and Design Visualization
  • Large dataset (big data) Visualization
  • Medical/Healthcare Visualization and Simulation
  • Retail and Merchandising
  • Training/Education
  • Vehicle Simulation

The report includes descriptions of 21 applications, at least two in each category, and 28 applications developers. It profiles 20 display manufacturers and 20 system integrators.

“When corporate teams need to collaborate in virtual worlds, they prefer CAVEs and domes to head-mounted displays,” says Ben Delaney, Chief Analyst at Greenlight Insights. “These large display systems can provide 3D imagery, and make it much easier to share insights conversationally, and by pointing and gesturing.” Since the early 90’s, organizations such as Schlumberger have used CAVES to enable teams of engineers to share large data sets and move through them together. We found dozens of similar business cases while researching this report.”

The 2018 Global Immersive Displays Market Report offers statistics on the size and growth of dome and CAVE displays worldwide, anticipated to be worth over $400 million by 2023. In the Technologies to Watch section, it discusses haptic, olfactory and spatialized sound display, as well as omnidirectional treadmills and direct computer/neural interfaces.

The 2018 Global Immersive Displays Market Report is available now from Greenlight Insights. It will also be the topic of a special panel at the Virtual Reality Strategy Conference, which next month in San Francisco. Current Greenlight Insights customers should contact their account executive to arrange delivery of the report. Others may visit Greenlight Insights’ website at, phone 415-854-3282, or email to order the report.


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