PlayStation VR Spurs Sony to Raise Annual Guidance

Clifton Dawson, Principal Analyst Insight Articles, Media & Entertainment

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  • PlayStation VR headset will be shipped in October for a suggested retail price of USD $399.
  • Parent-company Sony held its investors' meeting and provided an overview of and forward guidance for its business lines.
  • VR (and PlayStation TV) content will drive games and network revenue.


Sony hosted its annual investors' meeting last week and provided a three-year financial and business outlook. In this post, we'll focus highlights from Sony's investors' day, with a particular focus on one of its most relevant virtual reality-related segment: games and network services.

Sony sold more than 40 million units of PlayStation, and expects to sell 20 million this year. Sony also presented significant growth in its premium fee-based subscription service - from 10.0 million subscriptions in January 2015 to 20.8 million now.

In its games and network services segment presentation, Sony highlighted the Tokyo-headquartered company's shift from selling packaged games to offering a comprehensive game-as-a-service platform that allows recurring customers to access and consume games, videos, music and TV programming across different devices by using the PlayStation network. PlayStation VR is a new addition to the PlayStation ecosystem that's currently targeted to be used as a gaming console.


As shown in the chart from Sony's presentation above, the Sony upped its Gaming & Network Services outlook for revenues and operating margin, highlighting non-gaming VR as one factor to drive this growth.

Much of the conversation from this year throughout the industry has been on various non-gaming usages for headsets like in the military, sports, healthcare, social interaction and more. Sony, like Facebook, HTC, Google, and many others, believes it can deliver such an offering.

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