RTX Super GPUs from NVIDIA Offer New Value for Casual Virtual Reality Consumer

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In its continuing crusade to bring high-end graphics capabilities such as DLSS and ray-tracing to the masses, Nvidia announced on July 3rd the official release of its new line of consumer GPUs, the RTX Super line. According to new official specifications, the cards will significantly outperform the previous generation of RTX cards (released in January) thanks to an increased number … Read More

Turing Trouble: Will Lowered Earnings and Supply at NVIDIA Affect xR?

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Leading graphics card company NVIDIA has been forced to confront a number of uncomfortable realities recently regarding its new Turing architecture. Drivers and Barriers Last week, as the Santa Clara, CA-based company cut its revenue projections, driving shares of its stock down approximately 14%, CEO Jensen Huang offered a variety of explanations, none of which should come as a particular … Read More

USB-C and You - How VirtualLink Will Dramatically Change The Hardware Landscape (Yet Again)

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The landscape of consumer electronics is in constant flux. In the past, Moore’s Law has all but assured a steady annual refresh of computers, phones, smart devices, and any other CPU-powered device, with new advancements like quantum computing poised to carry the landscape well beyond the eventual end of the transistor spacing race. However, comparatively rapid growth and expansion of … Read More

Siggraph 2017 Conference: In-Depth Analysis

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Siggraph 2017 VR

Track the latest from Greenlight Insights’ analysts at SIGGRAPH 2017 Conference July 30 - August 3rd. More than 15,000 executives, animators, game developers, engineers, artists, and technology analysts from around the world are expected to attend SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles, CA next week. SIGGRAPH 2017: More Power to the VR/AR Creatives SIGGRAPH has fostered advancements in graphics throughout its … Read More