WWDC 2017: What Apple’s Big Reveal Means for VR and AR

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wwdc 2017

Before today, Apple - which in 2016 occupied 18% of the smartphone market sales and 7% of the PC market sales - has been fairly silent on its intentions for AR and VR. The only previous comments came from CEO Tim Cook, who was bullish on AR and dismissive of VR. All of this changed with the WWDC 2017 keynote address.

What Will Be The Impact of Introducing 360 Video on Apple TV?

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Apple hasn’t explicitly announced a product strategy that involves virtual reality, but Greenlight VR expect the super secretive company to be a significant player in the mid- to long-term. That’s why our analysts were not surprised by the recent announcement by Littlstar, a content distribution network dedicated exclusively to virtual reality, 360 video, and immersive experiences, that it was integrating … Read More