Greenlight Insights Identifies Three Companies Expected to Have an Impact on the AR Cloud Computing Market

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Greenlight Insights today published a Deep Dive report profiling three companies in the Augmented Reality (AR) Cloud market with innovative new technologies or groundbreaking business models. The three companies are 6D.AI, Fantasmo, and Ubiquity6. The AR Cloud is a real-time 3D, spatial map of the world, overlayed onto the real world. Due to the increasing popularity of location-based services, the … Read More

Top 3 Ways Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) Will Augment the World, And Who Will Own Them

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Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) Augmenting the World

Visual Positioning Systems (VPS) extract visual feature points from geo-referenced images. Due to the increasing popularity of location-based services, VPS is poised to supplement existing location data models to further advances in navigation, marketing, and even robotics. Current global positioning technology has afforded mobile apps an unprecedented degree of accuracy. Through a simple API, developers can harness a remarkably accurate … Read More