3 Announcements that Might Give Oculus an Edge

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In July, Road to VR Executive Editor Ben Lang and 2016 Industry Report contributor estimated HTCVive out selling Oculus Rift, comparing Steam install base and survey data. Moreover, according to Google Trends data compiled by Greenlight analysts, HTC Vive has been a more popular search term over the last 3-months when compared to Oculus Rift. (Note: Playstation VR has recently surpassed both … Read More

A Look Back At Vision Summit 2016

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Post by Eva Goins, Data Operations Lead at Greenlight Insights. Eva works closely with all the data coming from and going into our company’s proprietary dataset. She also handles custom search queries for client projects. This post recaps her trip to recent Vision Summit 2016.

Greenlight Report, Issue 24: What Oculus’ CES Reveal Actually Means

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Greenlight Report, Issue 24: What Oculus’ CES Reveal Actually Means What does Oculus’ $599 pricing say about their short-term strategy? Are consumers ready for a $1,000 VR camera? What barriers exist for product manufacturers during 2016? These are a few topics we tackled this week, aggregated into the Greenlight Report newsletter. Click the image below to read the full issue. *********** … Read More

Research Suggests Oculus Pricing Is Aimed At Early Adopters

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Exclusive Greenlight VR research in 2015 shows high interest in VR, with 79 percent wanting “more” after test drive and just 6% saying they had no interest. But $599 price is only attractive to 40 percent of potential market.  20% said they’d pay $400-$599; 9% would pay $600+ and 9 percent said they’d pay $1000+.  Top adopters seen by Greenlight VR: … Read More

Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset Has Strongest Unaided Awareness

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We’re currently analyzing the data from 2,300 U.S. consumers, including kids, millennials, and parents, regarding their experience, preferences, and purchase intentions for virtual reality products and applications. One insight we found is that although Oculus has the attention of millennials, a strong indicator of future commercial success, Sony’s Playstation VR should not be overlooked as a major platform contender. In fact, the PSVR … Read More