Aero: Adobe’s Play for 3D, and The Future of AR

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Following a slew of major product updates and announcements at its annual developer conference, MAX, Adobe continues a years-long trend of subtly but aggressively expanding its offerings into the realm of 3D. Beginning with small but meaningful updates to legacy apps (like the addition of the Skybox 360 video plugin to Premiere Pro) to new products altogether (such as the … Read More

WWDC 2017: What Apple’s Big Reveal Means for VR and AR

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wwdc 2017

Before today, Apple - which in 2016 occupied 18% of the smartphone market sales and 7% of the PC market sales - has been fairly silent on its intentions for AR and VR. The only previous comments came from CEO Tim Cook, who was bullish on AR and dismissive of VR. All of this changed with the WWDC 2017 keynote address.

Valve and Unity Join Forces - What Will This Mean For Developers?

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John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, says 90-95% of VR experiences are developed within the company’s Unity game engine and 47% of all developers (including outside of VR) use Unity. When Valve announced that it would be partnering with Unity to allow SteamVR to support Unity Technologies, it signaled a major step for developers focusing on the HTC Vive. Source: Unity … Read More