Greenlight Perspective 2020: 5 Bleeding-Edge Technologies Leading Enterprise XR Innovation

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In 2019, the market for cutting-edge immersive technology was driven significantly by adoption from business clients. High-end hardware and software from companies like Varjo and PTC offered compelling evidence for the usability and revenue-generating potential of enterprise xR deployment.  In 2020, Greenlight Insights expects to see significant disruption in enterprise xR from the following emerging technologies: Embodied Computing The intrinsic … Read More

Table Stakes: Key Features for VR HMDs in 2019

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Over the last 6 months, announcements made by major VR firms have reaffirmed the significance of 2019 as an important year for mass adoption of VR. Enterprise stakeholders and IT professionals are noticeably more open to the implementation of VR in traditional training and design workflows. Moreover, consumer hardware has continued to improve and is set to see a major … Read More