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Long-term growth of the virtual reality industry will require investors, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs confront unique legal challenges, including intellectual property concerns, distribution and commercialization arrangements, and even potential virtual crimes. We have gathered an expert business and legal panel ranging from YouVisit (USA), Robison, Curphey & O’Connell (USA), and Harbottle & Lewis (UK) to provide a practical, prospective, and international perspective.

Robert Tucker from Robison, Curphey, and O’Connell LLP, recently wrote a prospective look into how both VR & AR can benefit litigation inside and outside the courtroom. His article examined the benefits VR can have for deposition testimony and jury views through virtual recreations that accurately emulate the testimony as it was given. He went further saying AR could allow the jury to manipulate and examine evidence up close giving them virtual access to the same materials legal experts have. He alluded that in the future entire juries could be accessible through VR eliminating the need for jurors to take time away from work and family to remain on-site for proceedings.

Mr. Tucker explains that the benefits for VR expand outside the courtroom. Experts can recreate entire crime scenes based on witness testimony in order to weigh the primary evidence with the plausibility of the deposition. He concludes his look into the future of VR legal applications by saying most if not all law firms will not be able to manage this new technology in-house and will require the help of outside firms. This presents a business opportunity not just for counseling law firms on the capabilities of VR, but also for content creators and hardware manufacturers to design products specifically for litigators and other law professionals.

In order to provide a rounded perspective for corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, we’re delighted to have Robert Weiss, YouVisit's Director of Business Development, as panel moderator. Robert leads YouVisit's virtual reality business division and is a licensed attorney for the state of New York. He’ll provide both legal and entrepreneurial expertise, while facilitating a rich discussion among the panel in order to answer the pressing legal VR concerns.

In addition to this esteemed panel, we are welcoming Spring Alliance as co-host of the web conference. This exciting web conference will be held on October 21, 2015 at 10:30am PST. You can register here.